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November 5, 2007 by A.B. Dada  
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Ron Paul’s money bomb today has surpassed $1.5 million. This is an amazing number because he now has raised more in 1 day than in the past 3 weeks. He is $500,000 short today of taking in more than the past month ($1,996,283).

If you’ve given your bucks to Dr. Paul, consider giving to all the other candidates as well — Democrat and Republican. But only give them $1. Why?

By giving $1, you’re really giving them close to zero. Credit card processing can cost anywhere from $0.30 to $1.60 depending on their processor, so that $1 really ends up being far less. Tens of thousands of Ron Paul supporters giving a quarter or two to others brings down their “Average Donation per Donator” significantly, since our tens of thousands of pennies in bulk will reduce the average greatly. If 5 people donate $1 for everyone who donates $2300, the average for the 6 comes down to $383 instead of $2300. That’s a massive punch where it counts. 10 people giving $1 for each person who donates $2300 brings the average down to $210. Once you consider the added marketing expense for the campaigns, you’re doing more good than harm — and also skewing the results of true supporters in the campaign. Imagine if Ron Paul’s 80,000 donators so far each donated just $1 to each candidate, completely throwing off their averages, and also adding a nice burden to their marketing budgets?

Donating can actively put you on their marketing list. This is important! If you get on a list and they start sending things in the mail, you just recycle or burn the marketing material, but you cost the campaign far more than $1. Also, you may get phone calls or e-mails requesting more money, this is a great way to let them know you disagree with them on certain issues. Normally, people who donate to a campaign rarely complain to the campaign — why not be a $1 donator and get the chance to speak your piece?

So don’t forget: Give $100 to Dr. Paul at his website ASAP.

Then, go give $1 to each of the following:

If Paypal is an option, select that — Paypal charges the most fees out of your donation.

Rudy Giuliani – Republican Top Warmonger, Tax Supporter, Police State Lover
Hillary Clinton – Democrat Top Warmonger, Tax Supporter, Police State Lover
John McCain
John Edwards
Fred Thompson
Barack Obama
Joe Biden
Christopher Dodd
Mike Gravel
Dennis Kucinich
Bill Richardson
Mike Huckabee
Duncan Hunter
Mitt Romney
Tom Tancredo — Minimum $10, no good.

Someone just e-mailed me that you might be able to give LESS than $1. I will try to see what the minimum donation is on each site and post it here. Some sites might not accept less than $10, which is not worth donating to throw off averages.

Update: It looks like there are two conflicting records for the top donation haul in one day. John Kerry raised $2.6 million in one day, two days after Super Tuesday (this is for the general election, not the primaries). That is confirmed in a NY Times article from 2004. Also, it is rumored that Barack Obama raised $3 million in one day this year already, but I can’t find a confirmation of that. Currently (as of 12:30pm EST), Dr. Paul is over $1.5 million, with the graph starting to show a slight slow-down coming in. This is to be expected, as PST donations are already into the workday, but I wonder if people are giving over their lunch break on the east coast? If donations taper off, now, the good doctor should still raise over $2 million if donations slow down to $40,000 per hour. Currently he’s bringing in about $125,000 per hour, and around $130 per donation. If by some miracle that kept up, he could pull in $3 million, although it seems he’ll fall somewhere in the $2 million haul range, shy of both possible records for one day. That means go back and give more!

Update 2: Up until yesterday, the daily average donation for the quarter so far was $72,444. In order for Dr. Paul to raise $12 million for the quarter, today’s money bomb would have to hit $4.8 million just today if future donations averaged $72,444. Hopefully, some old media channels pick up on the money bomb today, so Dr. Paul gets a good dose of fresh name recognition. Including today’s numbers so far, his quarter daily average take is $107,158 per day. If that was the new daily average, he’d end up the quarter with about $10 million, still short of the goal. Don’t forget, if each person who has donated so far (around 80,000 I believe) were to give an additional $10 per week for the next 7 weeks of the quarter, that’s an additional $5.6 million, or more than enough to reach the goal. That means we all need to budget $10 per week for the next 7 weeks to meet the media buy needs of the campaign.

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2 Responses to “Support Ron Paul with the money vacuum”
  1. Steve says:

    Let’s leave sneaky and devious dirty tricks to the other guys.

  2. Joe says:

    Don’t do this. One of the most impressive things about Ron Paul’s campaign is the low average donation. It is a grassroots effort by regular folks. When Hillary or Rudy raises millions of dollars, everybody knows that they called up their millionaire supporters who expect a little quid pro quo support somewhere down the line (and we know they’re more than willing to deliver). Lowering the average donation increases the number of supporters, and decreases their average donation size. These are both negative things–they skew the reality that these candidates have been selected by corporate interests and make it far less apparent that these candidates already serve a master that is not the American people.

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