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September 29, 2007 by A.B. Dada  
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As I mentioned a few posts back, the Ron Paul campaign is pushing close to their million dollar goal. A few more update number:

As of 5:30 pm CST today, they are at $925,075. That leaves 1775 minutes to go, with the campaign raising an average of $111 per minute over the past 5.5 days. Just a few days go, the average of every previous minute was at 105 dollars per minute. Just a day later, it was at 108 dollars per minute. That 3/minute increase is significant because it is averaged over all the previous minutes of all the days, not just the minutes in the 24 hour period. As of now, that $111 per minute is even more significant, showing a massive jump in donations as the clock ticks down. The actual average of the last 24 hours is approximately $127/minute — including the overnight slow period — wow!

My estimate for the end of the quarter, the complete 7 day tracked period, should be $1,122,757 if things continue. It could be as high as $1,280,000 if the minute-average keeps climbing. Quite an accomplishment, but still far short of what liberty and freedom lovers should be giving. There’s about 30 hours left, so if you haven’t given yet, drop Dr. Paul’s broadcast of freedom $100 right now at the donation center on his website. Remember, this isn’t about supporting a political campaign, this is about giving freedom lovers a voice in the mainstream media.

Forget the election for a moment and focus on the simple fact that someone is getting thousands or even tens of thousands of others into thinking about the focus of freedom: don’t use force, use responsibility.

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One Response to “Ron Paul Million Bucks Update”
  1. Been trying to get through to the Ron Paul website to make a donation tonight. Can’t get through — keep getting an error message. Maybe being overwhelmed with a tsunami of last-minute donors? Or something more dastardly?

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