How can an anti-voting anarcho-capitalist support Ron Paul?

August 15, 2007 by A.B. Dada  
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Zion, IL
By A.B. Dada

We received this comment by “ed” in the comments section of my “Hope for America(n) Gothic” post:

I am curious about one thing. In your intro article, you state that all government is evil, or something like that (I’m not in any way trying to twist anything). How is it that you are supporting Ron Paul? Do you believe that if he becomes President, he can somehow redeem at least America’s government?

Just so you know, I’m voting for Paul too.

You’re not twisting anything, Ed, and you have it dead-on, actually. Many friends and family of mine are blown away that I would support Ron Paul for President, but they can’t figure out how I reconcile my anti-vote stance with my promotion for Dr. Paul.

First, I have met Dr. Paul a few times over the past decade, in person, and I have to say that he is the real deal — he’s a grand paleoconservative. We don’t agree on many, MANY items, but the fact that an Austrian, and Rothbard supporter, can run for office and win is always a shock to me. I have a great love for Dr. Paul, and I wish him peace and liberty and justice in his life. But will I vote for him?

The answer is — I’m not sure. I’m currently 90% sure that I will continue to anti-vote, because that is what I believe in. My doctrine of faith and my moral bedrock says that I should never give up my rights to anyone else, or let anyone else run my life. Yet out of the thousands of people who have read my view on anti-voting, and those who know me personally, only a few dozen agree that anti-voting is the only moral vote. The rest will continue to vote, or at least will want to even if they’re too lazy to go to the polls. This is why I support Dr. Paul — so the voters who feel like they MUST vote will at least vote for truly the lesser of all the other evils. Am I saying that Ron Paul is evil? I really don’t think so — even on the issues we disagree with, I don’t sense evil in him, and his voting record over 30 years mostly proves that. I think the position of “President” is by definition evil, based on the current definition. There is no moral justification to be lord and ruler over anyone. The man who controls the military should be the first to promote peace and love before hatred and death, yet so far no Commander-in-Chief has promoted anything close to that. We can thank the warvangelicals and the neoliberal progressives for that — they love the wars and always have.

Yet I do vote with my dollars — in the marketplace, and in the political sphere. Most people don’t know this, but I tend to give money to EVERY candidate. I gave Hilary $50, I gave Obama $50, I gave G.W. Bush $50, I gave Tancredo and Giuliani $50. It sounds crazy, but the only way to get any actual “face time” with a candidate is to donate some amount of money. When their call centers call you to try to get more, you get a few moments to try to convince the calling money-drive employees that their employer has no real policy other than the desire for more power, and the desire to commit more truly evil acts such as theft (taxation, inflation) and slavery (draft, regulation, victimless crime laws, etc). There’s nothing better than getting that call from Hilary’s campaign for more money — and my 60-90 seconds asking why she hasn’t voted to end the useless police action in the Middle East, or why she hasn’t screamed in the Senate to recall our troops from over 100 countries in the world that they’re permanently stationed in. You can’t get that sort of “ear time” of a campaign employee without doling out a few bucks here and there.

I have not yet finalized my thoughts on voting in the Primary, but I may actually vote in one this time around. The primary election is a non-binding vote: it doesn’t actually transfer ANY power from the voter to the elect. All it does is gives them the chance to be on a ballot, and it is THEN that the immoral (in my opinion) situation pops up where I take the most-moral route (in my opinion) of anti-voting.

Surely, some people think it’s wrong for me to be anti-State and pro-Paul, but now I know that I should add a “warning” to people that I am against the State, and they should be too, but if they won’t, at least consider someone who really wanted to hit the State with a big paper-shredder. If Paul does win the Presidency, I am donating 100,000 pens with the words “FOR VETO USE ONLY” printed on them. I hope he calls me back 6 weeks into office for another batch, because he’ll run out of ink.

I support Paul for those who support voting. I support anti-voting for those who have accept my opinion that the State is an evil entity and not one that is justifiable when the truth of the market shows its pro-peace and pro-liberty aspects. Yet I also know that I have about a 2% track record of moving pro-Staters to anti-Staters, so I’m offering advice for the 99% who feel we need a State. Hopefully they’ll vote for only those who want to make the State significantly smaller — and have a long term voting record to prove they mean it.

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