Michael Vick has no friends, except for me.

August 28, 2007 by A.B. Dada  
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Zion, IL
by A.B. Dada

Michael Vick is being villified in every mainstream and blog news and opinion piece I’ve found, other than a few rare pieces at the LRC it seems. He’s being tossed out for being cruel to animals, and he’s plead guilty on Federal charges with a chance that the state will also toss in some criminal charges, to boot. From what we can see in the media and blogosphere, Vick has no friends. I’ll be the first to stand behind him and offer not just my friendship, but my defense of an extremely talented entertainer with a long history of poverty and restraint by the State that says they’re only there to help.

Read this entire article at the anarcho-capitalism site.

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