A lesson from Ron Paul: Get mad now, don’t back down.

September 6, 2007 by A.B. Dada  
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I watched the Fox News debate last night on my cell phone, dribbling data at a measly 120kbps with jittery video and a pause to stream every 15 seconds. It was worth it — Ron Paul did an absolutely great job. I’m ecstatic that he showed his anger at the status quo, at Fox News and their repeated thought that the United States is the Federal government instead of the People. He used the right amount of anger, the right amount of truth and the right amount of conscience to really turn heads, including the heads of at least 4 dozen people who watched the debate on my request. Not one of those 4 dozen people are Republicans, or even Libertarians, but they all had their mind changed about Paul. I figure there are 400,000 Paul supporters as of right now who really know him — to win, he needs each supporter to convince another 100 friends and family to take notice.

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