What do Preterist Christians think of the Israel / Gaza conflict?

January 4, 2009 by A.B. Dada  
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As a Preterist Christian, I get asked often by people about my take on various issues that the modern Evangelical Church has very polarized views on.  My views are usually very different, and align well with my contrarian view of groupthink in general, especially religion.

Lately, I’ve received a few emails from friends (both Christian and not) on my take on the Israel/Gaza conflict from a Preterist perspective.  For those unfamiliar with Preterism, it is a faith view of Scripture (the Bible) that interpret much or all of the Book of Revelation and Christ’s promises as fulfilled nearly 2000 years ago, in 70 A.D., with the Roman destruction of Jerusalem and the Jewish Diaspora aftermath.  Preterism is considered heretical by many Evangelicals, but since most refuse to debate me on the topic, I just considered Futurists kooky, and let them be as long as they’re steadfast in their faith and follow through in acts of loving others.

To the Preterist, there are two Israels, even three: Israel the Ancient Chosen People, Israel the ancient land, and Israel, the modern day agnostic country that has existed for the past 50 years.  We generally see Israel the People as those who were given God’s Mandate in the Old Testament of Scripture.  Popular Israelites were Jacob, David, Joseph, amongst others.  The ancient Land of Israel is the land that was given to the Israelites by God to enact His Commandments, to attempt to reach perfection for man.  We Preterists believe that the Ancient Israelites lost God’s Mandate by falling short of perfection, which was really God’s Plan to bring forth Jesus Christ as the Savior back in the time of the Roman-Jerusalem War.  Lastly, some Preterists believe that modern day Israel is merely a man-made State, with no real connection to the Israel of ancient times.  The old Israel had many requirements and commandments that were never banished in Scripture: animal sacrifice, kings who judged men, and many rituals that required a great Temple in Jerusalem to occur.  Modern day Israel, on the other hand, does not follow the Laws and Commandments as set forth in Old Testament Scripture, so it is merely a manmade State that happens to be the home to many Jews today, while being run by a government that is definitively not in line with how God defined government before the fall of Jerusalem in 70AD.

Since modern day Israel is not “God’s Kingdom” any longer, many Preterists believe that there is no reason to support the State.  Anarcho-Preterists such as myself take this view further, as we do not believe we should support ANY State, including the one we were randomly born into.

To some, Preterists who hold this view of the agnostic State of Israel are considered anti-semites by others.  This is a completely untruthful view of this version of Preterism.  First, Anarcho-Preterists and non-Zionist Preterists alike do not hate Jews or Semites in any way.  We believe each many has his own destination in mind, and we hope that they take peaceful and loving steps throughout their lives.  Anti-semitism is a grotesque hatred of Jewish people for their culture or their religion or even their existence.  I know of NO Preterist that has a hatred of the Jews, and I personally have a great love for my Jewish friends and customers, especially those who live by a strict life of faith.  As it is with many Christians, there are religious/faithful Jews, and there are cultural Jews.  We have faithful/religious Christians and we have cultural Christians (such as those who only attend services on Easter and Christmas).  I harbor no anger or hatred of any of these groups, as I believe in complete freedom for an individual to decide how they live their life.

The current path of Israel into Gaza, though, is a different story.  Since I do not believe that Israel, or ANY government, is blessed by God in any way, shape or form, I look at the Israel/Gaza conflict as pure evil from both sides.  This site may seem to support the Gaza/Palestinian side of things more than the Israeli side, but that is merely because I wish to promote news and opinions that are often ignored in the Old Media: the contrarian views.  The Israeli siege of Gaza is pure evil, as is the Palestinian random bombing of Israel.  Both governments are wrong, as are the people that support the actions of their governments.  I also believe those who support American intervention in foreign countries as wrong, with the govenrment agents who produce those negative actions as evil people.  I want nothing to do with the State, their actions, and the consequences of those actions.

Can we hope for resolution in the Middle East?  Not at the moment.  With the U.S. government, and many other large governments, providing endless funds and weapons to either side, the bloodshed will never end.  I do believe that individuals have the right to defend their own property and homes, so I will never label a Palestinian who bombs a tank as evil, even if the action is decidedly evil.  I also will never label a Jew who shoots a Palestinian soldier that is within the legal boundaries of Israel as evil, either.  The action may be evil, but the defense of one’s property is in line with my beliefs on freedom.

These views that I label Preterist are not agreed upon by all Preterist Christians.  Just as in any faith, interpretations are up to the individuals.  I know Preterists who disagree with me, and I know of non-Preterist Christians who agree with me.  I also have friends and customers who are Jewish who abhor Israel for their actions, as I have Arab friends who abhor Palestine for their actions.

In the end, the most evil occurs because of the governments, not the people.  Democracy is a failed example, putting Israel and Palestine into conflicts over borders.  Democracy is the reason for the economic failure in the United States and the rest of the world.  My answer to the Israel/Gaza conflict is the same as the U.S./Iraq conflcit, or the Sudan genocide, or the Balkan wars: it is the fault of the States, the most evil form of groupthink imaginable.

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One Response to “What do Preterist Christians think of the Israel / Gaza conflict?”
  1. Earl Arnold says:


    I enjoyed your article, though I don’t agree with everything you have said. After spending quite a bit of time in the former Yugoslavia (4 years), it can be argued that Western intervention brought peace to the region through force. The region has been without major conflict for 10 plus years. And, there are many Albanians who are grateful to the international forces for intervening and protecting them against Serbian aggression. Was this an ill-effective intervention?

    Another question — given your anti-democratic government position, what form, or forms, of government, if any, do you believe to be a viable option for the peace, freedom, and safety of its citizens?

    You can respond to my e-mail if you would like or to this page.


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